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Electrical Solutions

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Welcome to Gayo ETech

Electrical Solutions

Years of experience

Who are We?

Gayo Etech electrical solutions are having 17years of industrial experience in industrial finishing equipment's.We are capable to design, supply & installation of Painting booth plant including industrial Oven, Spray pre-treatment, overhead conveyor etc. as per customer requirement.

We offering of:

  • Paint Booth System with Overhead Conveyor
  • Industrial Oven
  • Spray Pretreatment System
  • Water Wash Booth
  • Dry Back Booth
  • Side Draught Booth
  • Ventury Booth
  • Existing Paintbooth System &
  • Reinstallation
Our Mission

Gayo Etech is a leading Industrial Automation & Controls technology company. Our mission is to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy.Our strategies and actions are in line with our commitment to sustainable development and energy savings built on economic progress, social development and environmental improvement.

Our Plan

Integrated control systems facilitate smart manufacturing for your industrial automation solution. Our integrated architecture solutions enables you to deploy an industrial control system individually at a machine- or line-level to solve specific needs.

Our Vision

Providing quality and comprehensive, innovative solutions in Intelligent Automation and Control Systems coupled with technology expertise and applied to create total system Solutions in Commercial, Industrial and Home to our customers.

The Sure promise

Defining Needs

Our first step is to understand your process, identify problem areas, and delineate what you want to achieve: productivity increases, better quality, enhanced safety, etc.

Analyze the System

We review your drawings, prints, programming, and specifications of your current system as inputs to inform a proposed integrated end-to-end system.

Solution Development

Working with the best of breed technology, your solution is crafted to deliver your goal metrics with acceptable ROI and payback by your definition. We provide you a quote and lead time to completion.

Project Management

Using project management tools and knowledge we work with you to compose a schedule and work breakdown that allows high visibility while lowering risk and reducing downtime.

Acceptance Testing

Through a fully documented and shared diagnostic, commissioning and checkout verifies that performance capabilities meet the defined targets.

Lifecycle Support

As part of our service commitment, we provide training for your operators and maintenance teams on site or at our training facility.